TheNorthPool Poster

By Daniel MacIvor
Directed by Jeffry Stanton

Henry is nervous, a self-proclaimed liar, and compelled by some unknown force to tell us his life story along with something we don't already know. MacIvor's spellbinding head-scratcher of a one-man play twists and turns, flips and sidesteps through Henry's struggle to grasp the meaning of life, love, beauty, death, truth and lies.

Daniel MacIvor's brand of meta-theatrical theatre has the power to transform the lives of audiences, who come into dark rooms with their minds and their hearts open, who are filled with questions, and who find a moment of peace in the presence of something innately familiar. The play hopefully can touch people, and open people to thinking about their own humanity and their purpose in life."

"Michael Moran turns in a superb performance as Henry. . . Everyone who experiences Here Lies Henry will come away with a slightly different interpretation of what is actually happening. You may want to see this play multiple times with different companions, getting a unique perspective each time." - Chicago Theatre Beat

"The actor's collaboration with director Jeffry Stanton is supremely well-paced and varied, while maintaining an organic momentum. . . The journey is gut-wrenching and disconcertingly recognizable. Henry's haphazardly shrugged-off asides bore into your blocked weaknesses, and, for a moment, expose them raw." - Newcity Stage

"MacIvor doesn't get produced much in Chicago. On the evidence of this solo gem, that's a shame. . . Michael Moran's performance is perfectly pitched between a naked desire for our approval and joy at nudging us off-balance just when we think we know where he's taking us." - Chicago Reader