TheNorthPool Poster

By Paula Vogel
Directed by Jeffry Stanton

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paula Vogel’s Hot ’N’ Throbbing unflinchingly explores the pyrotechnic intersection of sex, domestic violence, pornography, and power. Charlene is a suburban mother who writes feminist erotica to support her hormonally charged teenagers. With a script deadline looming, voices from her subconscious taunting her, and a ferocious craving for a cigarette, Charlene is having a bad day. When Clyde, Charlene’s drunk and manipulative estranged husband arrives, the day takes a turn that will change the family forever.

"Halfway through Interrobang’s outstanding production of Paula Vogel’s 1994 drama, my hands were sweating, my heart was racing, and I was light-headed. It felt uncomfortable, but not wholly unpleasant. Jeffry Stanton’s intense staging of Vogel’s erotic, violent play is exhausting, yet thoroughly satisfying...The script constantly questions who is in command; as the production barrels to its shocking finale, it’s clear Stanton and his impeccable cast are in complete control." - Time Out Chicago

"Interrobang Theatre Project, guns ablaze...offers a rare production in which every element onstage is as robust and capable as every other...Director Jeffry Stanton’s fast-paced and appropriately sickening Hot ‘N’ Throbbinghas furthered my already unwavering faith in the design ingenuity of storefront theater. The dazzling and the impressive are not achieved through detailed living rooms and sky-high budgets, but through intelligent allocation of resources—as Interrobang here demonstrates masterfully." - Newcity Stage