I call My Brothers

By Jonas Hassen Khemiri (translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles)
Directed by Abhi Shrestha

January 5 – February 2, 2019 (Chicago Premiere)

Press opening: Monday, January 7, 2019 at 8 pm
Subscriber/Board opening: January 10, 2019 at 8 pm (reception to follow)

Stockholm, Sweden. A car bomb rocks the peaceful city, and leaves the Arab-Swedish Amor on guard and on edge. But he doesn’t have time to let his fear get the best of him; he’s got places to be. As Amor attempts to run his errand and grapple with his own anxieties, we follow him through a fraught 24 hours, cautiously navigating the city he calls home. Balancing paranoia and humor, Jonas Khemiri's nuanced account dares us to question our own perceptions and prejudices, while offering a singular and harrowing take on the labyrinth of global identity politics.

Beginning this season, Interrobang Theatre Project is proud to be in residence at Rivendell Theatre, located at 5779 N Ridge Ave in the Edgewater neighborhood.

The Artists


Salar Ardebili (Amor)
Tina El Gamal (Ahlem, Amplifier, Supervisor, Tyra)
Chris Khoshaba (Shavi, Amplifier, Bully, Salesman)
Gloria Imseih Petrelli (Valeria, Amplifier, Bully, Karolina)



Jonas Hassen Khemiri, playwright
Rachel Willson-Broyles, translator
Abhi Shrestha, director
Georgette Verdin, managing co-artistic director
Jim Yost, co-artistic director

Michelle E. Benda, lighting designer
Elana Elyce, artistic producer
Shawn Galligan, stage manager
Eleanor Kahn, scenic/props design
Jeffrey Levin, composer/sound designer
Nadya Naumaan, dramaturg
Alec Silver, movement dramaturg

Christopher Aaron Knarr, design associate
Matthew Nerber, marketing associate
Nancy Payne, marketing manager
David Rosenberg, press relations
Zoë Verdin, creative design