By Caryl Churchill
Directed by Jeffrey Stanton

Do what you want. Get what you can. Marion's husband wants her dead, but she’s too busy to notice. The North London real estate market is booming, and she’s out to make a killing. When Marion discovers she can’t buy out a family from one of her properties, she takes ownership of their most prized possession.

As resonant today as when it premiered in 1972, Owners is a provocative yet savagely funny play about power, progress and the price of ownership.

The author of such groundbreaking, genre-redefining, even gender-bending modern masterpieces as Top Girls, Serious Money, and Cloud Nine, Caryl Churchill is widely regarded as one of the English language’s greatest living playwrights.

"The script's tart, cracked sense of humor proves awfully enjoyable in Jeffry Stanton's exuberant and savage production....The cast clearly relish the ride, especially Brynne Barnard, whose Marion is like Genghis Khan with a realtor's license." - Chicago Reader

"Still disturbingly relevant 40 years later and packs a hell of a punch...Interrobang has produced a wildly entertaining play with rich characters that give voice to one of the best playwrights around." -Theatre by Numbers

"An energetic, witty revival of the first play to put (Caryl) Churchill on the theatrical map...The entire cast is hilarious...Joe Schermoly's rotating set, mixed with Christopher M. LaPorte's sound design and Noel Huntzinger's costume design (particularly Marion's outfits) bring this production to life with so much pizazz." - Newcity Stage