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TheNorthPool Poster

By Paul Downs Colaizzo
Directed by James Yost

A contemporary drama that pushes the edges and embraces the harsh reality of today's youth. At an elite university, when the party of the year results in the regret of a lifetime, one person will stop at nothing to salvage a future that is suddenly slipping away. In this quick-witted and gripping comic tragedy about 'Generation Me,' it's every man for himself.

"Playwright Paul Downs Colaizzo's wry campus comedy about hookups and college keggers gradually pivoted and transformed into a spiky drama about the fallout of drunken sex and allegations of rape. Amid discarded red Solo cups and cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon, the play offered up a field guide of undergrad idiocy. Director James Yost put his excellent cast through their paces, shifting from easygoing bro banter to something far more sinister with a focus on suspect motives and sexual politics. The play narrowed its eyes at the millennial generation while simultaneously serving them up on a platter as if to say: 'Here are the men and women of your future, America. This is what you have wrought.'" - Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune