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By Andrew Bovell
Directed by Jeffry

Andrew Bovell's Speaking in Tongues is a masterfully written polyphony about the mistakes we make, the emotional scars we inflict on those we pretend to love, and the consequences of actions with which we're left to grapple. Four actors portray nine characters caught in a destructive web of coincidence, betrayal, desire, and obsession. Skeletons are exhumed, lonely marriages are unveiled, a wife goes missing, contracts are broken by intimates, and tenuous bonds are formed between strangers. The haunting Speaking in Tongues will have you piecing together exactly what happened long after you leave the theatre.

"Virtuosic players in bravura mode. . . Bizarre, sometimes baffling, consistently engrossing. . . flawlessly coordinated in Jeffry Stanton's intricate staging." - Stage and Cinema
"Jeffry Stanton’s careful and methodical direction is palpable throughout the entire show." - Centerstage

"With Interrobang, you are in the hands of a talented group of people...This is an intriguing experience...one you should try not to miss." - Chicago Theatre Beat