By Mark O'Rowe
Directed by Jeffry Stanton

Terminus is a supernatural fantasy of interlocking monologues sweeping the audience on a helter-skelter ride through the wildest parts of the imagination, our greatest hopes, and our darkest fears. Be warned - it's not for the faint of heart!

A scours the depths of Dublin to rescue her ex-student who is about to take a life. B finds herself face-to-face with a demon and falls in love just in time. C sold his soul to the devil for the world's greatest voice, but he's building a body count faster than an audience.

"The verbal landscapes that unfurl in Terminus (in a vivid production directed by Jeffry Stanton), are at once brutal and funny, appalling and lyrical...The script is wedded to a brisk, profane rhyming structure that would be irritating if the performances weren't so insistently strong." - Chicago Tribune
"An exceptional cast relays Mark O'Rowe's harrowing intertwined monologues with sure footing in Interrobang's striking production...Jeffry Stanton's production stages those trips harrowingly with his exceptional cast. Stanton and company harness and ride O'Rowe's rhyming structure with a momentum that grows as it accelerates while never losing their footing. Even Mike Mroch's and Claire Chrzan deceptively simple, industrial set and lighting design reflect the production's maturity and precision." - Time Out Chicago