TheNorthPool Poster

By Calamity West
Directed by James Yost

It’s November 9th, 1989 and the Berlin Wall is coming down. A husband is reading of the deconstruction in the paper over a breakfast of scrambled eggs. A wife is hearing of it while shopping for couture. An old friend is watching it on a television window display on a street in Manhattan. And a doctor is sleeping right through it.
Inspired by A Doll’s House, The Doll's House Project: Ibsen is Dead explores and welds the genius of Henrik Ibsen and the grit of Calamity West in this world premiere play about deception, love, lies, class and gender.

“James Yost’s production crackles with tension, starting with a slow boil in the first scene, accelerating as the players inevitably collide, and finally exploding…” - Chicago Stage Standard

“The dynamic is riveting.  And [the actors] interactions have prickly intensity peppered with West’s sharp dialogue.” - The Fourth Wall

“Calamity West—an author rapidly forging a reputation for restitching classics into whole new cloth, rather like making a quilt—challenges us ( in a good way ), as do director James Yost and his slyly enigmatic cast,” - Windy City Times