TheNorthPool Poster

By Philip Ridley
Directed by Jeffry Stanton

Ten years ago, something dreadful happened to Presley and Haley. Ever since, the grownup siblings have hid in their dead parents’ flat keeping the big bad world at bay on a diet of chocolate, drugs, fractured memory and fantasy. But one night their feral isolation is threatened by the arrival of the sinister cockroach-munching Cosmo Disney and his mute mate Pitchfork Cavalier.
The 1991 debut of Philip Ridley’s gothic fairytale is the stuff of legend sparking debate, horror and a renaissance of British playwriting. At its heart, The Pitchfork Disney is the story of two innocents, a modern day Hansel and Gretel, staring down a cruel, chaotic world in which money is all, fear sells, truth lies and existence is survival of the sickest.

"Director Jeffry Stanton wisely brings a great deal of control to this production. Ridley's script is so batty and wild that a production in lesser hands could easily collapse in on itself. Stanton instead imbues the play with a steady focus that allows every single bizarre moment to achieve maximum velocity and collide right into the audience." - Centerstage

"Jeffry Stanton's cast handles Ridley's difficult language with aplomb." Time Out Chicago