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The Argument is the story of twin sisters, Mia and Ana, who are separated by death when the city floods. Devastated by guilt for having survived, Mia carts her sister’s corpse through a post-apocalyptic landscape of anarchy and desperation seeking love and happiness for her lifeless twin. Surreal, wild, and uncompromising, The Argument is a haunting and irreverent tale of loss and rebirth, class division and racial inequity, heroism and brutality.

"Masterfully staged by director Jeffry Stanton. . . Make no mistake; this is a very difficult piece of theatre. . . that will keep you talking days after you have seen the production. That is always the mark of good theatre." - Chicago Pride
"Black comedy ably realized in Jeffry Stanton’s unsettling production. . . Stanton also manages to convey the script’s aching sense of loss and missed opportunities, and the show displays a surprising sweetness." - Time Out Chicago